CY2401WF: Programmable Residential Thermostat


The CY2401WF Residential Thermostat redefines home climate control for the Eco-conscious and tech-savvy, offering seamless, subscription-free management of your home's temperature from anywhere in the world, ensuring comfort, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, advanced connectivity, and robust safety features, it's not just a smart choice but a leap towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Product Details

CyberStat Residential: Your Ultimate Energy-Saving Partner

In today’s and Eco-conscious world, maintaining control over your home environment while minimizing energy costs has never been more critical. Meet CyberStat Residential – the revolutionary smart thermostat that combines convenience, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness into one sleek device.

Control at Your Fingertips

CyberStat Residential is designed for the modern homeowner. Imagine adjusting your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re stuck in the office later than expected or on your way to your vacation home, CyberStat provides real-time control over your heating and cooling systems through a simple web interface. No additional downloads or installations needed—manage everything directly from your favorite web browser.

Smart Home, Happy Planet

We understand that your commitment to the planet is as important as your commitment to comfort. That’s why CyberStat works tirelessly to ensure your HVAC system—the heart of your home’s energy consumption—is operating as efficiently as possible. By optimizing your heating and cooling schedules and providing the flexibility to adjust on the fly, CyberStat helps reduce your carbon footprint and brings you a step closer to a sustainable lifestyle.

Unparalleled User Experience

No Monthly Subscription – Unlike other smart thermostats, CyberStat doesn’t lock its best features behind a paywall. Enjoy complete access to all functionalities without the burden of a monthly fee.

Effortless Programming – With an intuitive setup and user-friendly interface, programming your perfect environment has never been simpler.

Exceptional Support – Have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated support team is just a phone call or an email away to assist with any queries you may have.

Built on CY1201WF framework

The CyberStat Residential 2401 builds on our legacy CY1201 series thermostats. While the form factor, wiring connector, and aesthetics remain the same, the CY2401WF has received many upgrades under the hood:

  • Current capacity increased from 1A to 4A. You can now put up to 4 Amps of load on any circuit if the combined load through all circuits does not exceed 4 Amps.
  • A load-side electronic, re-settable circuit breaker. The thermostat will trip if the total load exceeds 4 Amps. Most often, an overload is caused by a stuck solenoid on the HVAC system or an accidental short circuit. This circuit breaker is designed to save your HVAC system from further damage while you get it checked by a professional.
  • Robust power supply. CY2401WF can handle large voltage fluctuations presented in harsh electrical environments. The operating voltage range has now been expanded from 6V to 60V. For comparison, the operating voltage range for CY1201 was 6V to 40V. CY2401WF has also received surge protection circuitry to protect against surges caused by thunderstorms.
  • We updated the Wi-Fi module. CY2401WF still only supports 2.4 GHz networks, but it can now connect to mesh networks of newer routers.
  • Improved thermostat to server communication security.

Beyond Reliability

Email Alerts for Peace of Mind - Stay informed with alerts for extreme temperatures or unexpected offline status, guaranteeing your home is always protected.

Adaptive Recovery - Experience the temperature you desire exactly when you want it, thanks to our adaptive recovery feature that preheats or cools your home.

Hassle-free Reading - Our large, bright temperature display ensures you can easily monitor your home's climate from anywhere in the room.

Stand By Our Quality

Your trust in CyberStat is backed by a full 30-day trial period. If it doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, return it for a full refund. Plus, enjoy a 2-year warranty on parts, ensuring your investment is protected. And if you decide to upgrade down the line, we offer a unique buy-back option, demonstrating our commitment to both quality and your satisfaction.

Join the CyberStat Family

Make the switch to CyberStat Residential and experience the dual benefits of enhanced control over your home environment and a reduced energy bill. Perfect for the Eco-conscious homeowner looking to integrate smart technology into their home. Say goodbye to traditional thermostats and hello to a smarter, more sustainable home with CyberStat.

Note: In the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, CyberStat will function as an ordinary digital thermostat.

  • Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 150mm x 95mm x 24mm
  • Maximum control current: 400mA (any terminal)
  • Power Supply: 24v AC HVAC transformer or 24v AC external power supply
  • Display Style: LED
  • Heat Pump: 1 stage cooling, 2 stage heating (1 compressor + 1 aux), Independent fan control
  • Conventional Heating & Cooling: 1 stage heating, 1 stage cooling, Independent fan control
  • Does not work with line voltage heaters
  • Schedules support 7 days, 4 periods
  • Settings are retained across power outages
  • CyberStat runs on 24v AC supplied by HVAC system. It requires a common wire in your thermostat wiring.
  • If you do not have a common wire, you will need an external 24v AC power supply.
  • If you have a two-wire system, you will need an external 24v AC power supply.
  • In some cases, fan wire can be converted to common wire. However, conversion requires more skills and is not suitable for everyone. Refer to the owner's manual for more details.