The Future of Home Comfort

Transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and sustainability with our CY2401 smart thermostat.

CY2401WF: Programmable Residential Thermostat


The CY2401WF Residential Thermostat redefines home climate control for the Eco-conscious and tech-savvy, offering seamless, subscription-free management of your home's temperature from anywhere in the world, ensuring comfort, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, advanced connectivity, and robust safety features, it's not just a smart choice but a leap towards a more sustainable lifestyle.



Purpose-Built Thermostats

For Home

Elevate home climate control with our eco-conscious, tech-savvy thermostat for comfort, sustainability, and cost-efficiency.

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Rental/Vacation Units

Upgrade your rental property or vacation home with a programmable thermostat that features remote access, temperature limits, and more.

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Transform your hotel experience with our advanced hospitality thermostat kits. Ensure guest comfort and energy efficiency in every room!

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